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The Entire Deck of 78 Tarot Cards Waite Deck Downloaded from www.thegroovygroup.org MAJOR ARCANA - 22 cards in all. Card 01 - The Fool. The Meaning: Exact Card. At this time, you are out of synchronisation with the rest of the world. However, in a positive way. You may want to go out on your own, “Full speed ahead” and damn the torpedoes.”

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The initial Tarot deck of 78 cards emerged in Italy in 1944 (Verified by the Court records in Ferrara) offering the earliest actual verification of the existence of Tarot. In the 15th century, handwritten Tarot cards were solely obsessed by the upper class in modern societies and wealthy.

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The Good Tarot by Colette is a 78-card deck with fantastic artwork. It features fairy tale ethos, magical creatures, and a happily ever after vibe. A sample spread is the Three Card Spread. This type of reading is best used when dealing with circumstances that are evolving as it helps you determine the flow of energy.The Rider-Waite tarot deck, 78 printable tarot cards, instant download You will need to unpack the images after the download as they come in a .zip format. Images are ... The Rider-Waite tarot deck is a widely popular deck for tarot card reading, also known as the Waite-Smith, or Rider-Waite-Smith, or Rider tarot deck. Illustrated by Pamela Colman Smith, based on the instructions of academic and mystic A. E. Waite, the cards were originally published by the Rider Company in 1909. The deck has been published in numerous editions and inspired a wide array ...

Tarot card reading is a form of cartomancy whereby practitioners use tarot cards purportedly to gain insight into the past, present or future. They formulate a question, then draw cards interpret them for this end. A regular tarot deck consists of 78 cards, which can be split into two groups, the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. French-suited playing cards can also be used; as can any card ...This set of tarot cards is a good gift. If you are looking for tarot cards as a gift, this is really a perfect choice. We wrap all orders in kraft paper, so you don't need to buy a gift box. Card:-78 Tarot cards made of high-quality craft cardboard-size 2,75 x 4,72 inches/7x12sm-cardboard box wooden box:-Made of oak-size 5x3,5x2 company / 13 ...